Friday, June 10, 2011

Red, White & Blue Table Decor

I came up with this display for our table last year just before the 4th of July and could wait to put it out again this year ... I LOVE it so much that I decided to put it out June 3rd rather than wait til July :) I also had fun taking pics of this so sorry for the photo overload :) Enjoy!

 My fav pic!!! Might have to turn this into its own project :)

 With the candles lit for dinner :)

 Another lit candle pic

 I had more red roses so I put this "arrangement" together for my Hubby the Friday before his birthday (which also happened to the same day I put together the table decor) ... he has his buddies over for "Beer Friday" so I picked up a case of his favorite beer, put half of it the fridge so it'd be cold and left the other half in the box to complete the display :) 

UPDATE 6/30/2011 - Just found out this little home decor project will be featured this Sunday over at
Please go check it out!


  1. The red, white, and blue display looks lovely on your table, and I absolutely love the flowering beer box. That's true love right there. :)

  2. What a great idea! So cute!

    I am featuring this on my blog on Sunday! Thanks for linking up!