Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Banner

Here's the first creation for Easter, or I should say the first one to be finished :-) I get into one project and in the middle of that, some other fabulous creation pops into my busy mind that must be started immediately and I get distracted ... by another craft, kiddos, Hubby, and whatever else comes up. After regaining control of my wandering crafty mind ... I was able to get this finished.

Took a few photos along the way showing how it was made:

 Button and Flower embellishments

 Card stock letters and "frames" cut from my Cricut

 3 pieces combined for the flower corners

 Tack glued polka dot flower onto the pink flower

 Tack glued the button onto the two flowers

 Finished look .. prior to the glue being dry

 Paper layers mod podged together and embellishments added

 A closer view ... strung with ribbon

 One more close view ... added larger buttons (not shown in this pic) to cover the holes/top corners

 Finished product hanging from our mantel ... to be accessorized with more Easter and Spring Decor :-)

One more view :-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Spring Floral Arrangement

I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house but it makes me crazy how much stores charge for the "pre-assembled" bouquets ... so, I make my own :-) Arranging flowers is another crafty outlet of mine that I really enjoy!!!

Here's the first arrangement for this Spring:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My "Creation Station"

This area/room is what I NOW like to call my "Creation Station". I've had great intentions for this room since we bought our home over five and half years ago ... I posted a sign on the door prior to our house warming party titling this room as the "Craft Room" ... "Creative Disaster in Progress" :-) For those who never saw it, you could only imagine!!!

Well, over the past five years we've been blessed with two beautiful little girls (along with "creating" bedrooms for each); the vision, ability and amazing help from friends/family to transform our backyard into an outdoor living space complete with our outdoor kitchen, hot tub, swing set and playhouse (for the kiddos); to update a bathroom; completely gut and remodel our kitchen/great room; and finally my "Creation Station" ... which is always to open to friends and family :-)

I love this room!!! (Second to my new kitchen, and with the exception of the washer and dryer as I don't want to reminded of chores when I'm crafting, but ... ) After much consideration and rearranging, I've finally managed to get it set-up where EVERYTHING is in reach! This is so important while trying to craft on a limited schedule ... and, add to that the ability to stop mid project and just walk out and close the door without having to pick up ... AMAZING!!!!!

So, here it is ... My Creation Station! Complete with the ribbon rack my Hubby helped me with a couple weeks ago! 

 Overall view ... complete with "Kiddo Creation Station"

 Momma's "Creation Station" 


 More ORGANIZATION ... paper, paint, wood blocks/letters, etc

 From another view :-)

 Cricut's Home

 Ribbon Rack!!! - Angle 1

 Angle 2 ...

 Angle 3 ...

And the new outlet the Hubby put in for me for the Cricut, glue guns, etc

Happy 1st Day of Spring

Here's the first creation for Spring that be decorating our home starting today. This was created in Chelan a little over a month ago and I've since been counting down the days till Spring ... Full of pretty colors, flowers and bumble bees, it makes me smile every time I see it :-)

Happy Spring!!! 

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The decorations in our home have increased just a bit and I LOVE it! :-) In all of my crafting over the past few months, I've turned what had been just ideas into real things for everyone to enjoy who enters our home ... Most of which included the use of my Cricut. Its an amazing crafting tool and I have already started on some really fun Easter/Spring decorations that I'll share they are finished ... Let me know what you think!

This fun little creation was made out of a 1x1 that I cut down into 1 inch blocks ... one side says "LUCKY" and the opposite side says "IRISH" ... it the centerpiece on our table this year!
I decorated the end blocks with Shamrocks on three sides ...

Here's how they look displayed on our table: 

The bucket was actually created about 3 years ago ... just a plain white bucket that I accessorized with ribbon and some foam shamrock stickers. I've used these as both a candle holder or a vase.

The "LUCK" block was created in Chelan during our "Chocolate, Wine, Cheese & Crafting" weekend with my sister and her hubby. Its a 2x4 that I cut down making the final dimensions 2x4x4. 

The "LUCK" banner was created over Super Bowl Weekend ... I had already made a "LOVE" banner for Valentine's Day and enjoyed it so much that I decided to create something similar for St. Patrick's Day. The letters were cut from tag board, then decoupaged with decorative paper and flower embellishments. I finished it off by wrapping the edges with hemp rope.

I think this last one is my personal favorite ... made from a 3x3 fence post cut down into 13 and 18 inch blocks. I really love the combination of the black and green colors, and the letters are so playful which is appropriate given the message :-)

Thanks for taking the time to check in and see what I've been up to. I'd love any comments if you'd like to leave one. Hope you have a very "Lucky" St. Patrick's Day ... Cheers!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kiddo Craft

I planned the following craft for Sydney and her friend to work on during their play date last week ... keeping a fairly decent supply of numerous sizes of sanded-down blocks on hand really makes this project a breeze. Combine a 2x4 block, some paint, foam stickers, and Mod Podge (done by Momma at a later time) and this is what you get ...

The finished product - Pretty good for a 4 year old :-)

My Lil' Crafter working on her project: 

A few more pics of the finished product: 

 And the Artist signature: 

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