Sunday, March 20, 2011

My "Creation Station"

This area/room is what I NOW like to call my "Creation Station". I've had great intentions for this room since we bought our home over five and half years ago ... I posted a sign on the door prior to our house warming party titling this room as the "Craft Room" ... "Creative Disaster in Progress" :-) For those who never saw it, you could only imagine!!!

Well, over the past five years we've been blessed with two beautiful little girls (along with "creating" bedrooms for each); the vision, ability and amazing help from friends/family to transform our backyard into an outdoor living space complete with our outdoor kitchen, hot tub, swing set and playhouse (for the kiddos); to update a bathroom; completely gut and remodel our kitchen/great room; and finally my "Creation Station" ... which is always to open to friends and family :-)

I love this room!!! (Second to my new kitchen, and with the exception of the washer and dryer as I don't want to reminded of chores when I'm crafting, but ... ) After much consideration and rearranging, I've finally managed to get it set-up where EVERYTHING is in reach! This is so important while trying to craft on a limited schedule ... and, add to that the ability to stop mid project and just walk out and close the door without having to pick up ... AMAZING!!!!!

So, here it is ... My Creation Station! Complete with the ribbon rack my Hubby helped me with a couple weeks ago! 

 Overall view ... complete with "Kiddo Creation Station"

 Momma's "Creation Station" 


 More ORGANIZATION ... paper, paint, wood blocks/letters, etc

 From another view :-)

 Cricut's Home

 Ribbon Rack!!! - Angle 1

 Angle 2 ...

 Angle 3 ...

And the new outlet the Hubby put in for me for the Cricut, glue guns, etc

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