Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crafting in Chelan

Had an amazing weekend of "crafting inspiration" in Chelan Falls (which is below Lake Chelan on the Columbia River) over the weekend with the fam ... joined by my sister, Sabrina, and her Hubby. The Hubbies kind of did their own thing, taking the kiddos with, allowing Sabrina and I to go to a couple wineries, my favorite cheese store and craft!!! It was great!!! Here's some pics of the necessary "set-up" to have an amazing crafting afternoon :-)

 Vino, cheese, crackers, truffles, Mod Podge, paper, Cricut Expression, paint, 1x1, 2x4, ribbon, etc ...

 From another angle :-)

This photo is a bit dark, but it shows the amazing view of the river ... and the sunshine :-)

Check back in a couple days for pics of the creations ...

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